This exhibit is open to all two-dimensional artwork, excluding photography, by living Carolina artists exploring this year’s theme of Southern Menagerie.

Work must measure no less than 12×12″ and no more than 24×36″. (NOTE: Size specifications are for the actual work and do not include frame width.)

All work must be for sale and have a retail price of $100-750.

All work must be original and completed within 2 years of the entry date. Work must be properly prepared for installation by being wired on the back (no alligator hooks or clips). All work must be dry and stable.

JLR reserves the right to exclude any work that does not meet these standards.

Please note: Upon entering Southern Menagerie, the artist agrees that accepted work must not be sold prior to the exhibit. Any pre-show sale of accepted work will remain subject to a 40% commission payable to the JLR. If an artist fails to comply with any of the guidelines set forth in this prospectus, the JLR reserves the right to disqualify that artist from Southern Menagerie and future JLR exhibits.